½ Litre Milk.
2-3 tbs Lemon Juice
1 Cup Sugar
2 cups Water

Take a heavy bottomed Vessel add milk and bring it to boil, slowly add lemon juice and the milk starts to curdle and the way will separate.

Take a muslin cloth and pour the curdled milk filtering the way completely

Wash it well in running cold water to remove the lemon smell.

Squeeze the excess water and hang it aside for 30 mins without disturbing it.

After 30 mins the paneer would be crumbly in texture.

Now kneed the paneer till  everything comes together to a smooth dough. 

Make small balls of the dough and keep it aside.

Now place a pressure cooker on the stove add sugar, water  and allow the sugar to dissolve. Bring it to boil.

Slowly add the paneer balls to the boiling sugar syrup, place the lid and cook up to 1 whistle and turn off the heat.

Once the pressure is off remove the lid, the balls will be double in size and becomes light and springy to touch.

If you feel the paneer balls are not cooked place the lid and cook it for another 5 mins.

Now the rasagulla is ready, bring it to room temperature, refrigerate and serve chilled.