Besan Laddoo / Besan Unde


2 Cups Gram Flour (Kadale hittu)
1.5 Cups Icing Sugar (Powdered Sugar)
1 cup Ghee
10-15 Cashew Nuts (Roasted in Ghee)
10-15 Raisins (Roasted in Ghee)
1tsp  Cardamom Powder.


In  a Khadhai add ghee and bring it to boil and then Reduce the flame.
Add gram flour and mix well till nice aroma comes and color starts changing.
Once gram flour is done switch off the flame, than add Sugar, Cardamom Powder, Roasted Cashew Nuts, Raisins and mix well.
Make laddoos of desired size.
If  it breaks and difficult to make laddoos add a little more ghee to bind it together.